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DAY 2 | Sept 29 (Saturday)

Showcases III : Platform Cooperativism as a Global Movement


Fairmondo | Germany


Sharetribe | Finland

Sharetribe is a platform for starting your own peer-to-peer marketplaces (or “tribes”). Founded in 2008, Sharetribe has seen more than 650 marketplaces created, and has gone through their share of trial and error to accumulate experiences about how to tackle the challenges of creating peer-to-peer marketplaces, specifically in the field of the sharing economy.


CoopCycle | France

CoopCycle provides a free software that enables customers to order and to be delivered by bicycle. Belonging to its users (couriers, shop owners) and its contributors (developers), the platform will be administered by them democratically. The software is ruled by a license by the Peer-to-Peer Foundation, limiting its commercial use to worker-owned coops. CoopCycle also envisions to build a whole political and economical ecosystem around the software, challenging the global “gig economy” platforms. It is creating a federation of worker-owned cooperatives, which will use, own and manage the CoopCycle software. Many delivery cooperatives that share their values are already launching in France and in Belgium.


Geddup | Australia

Geddup is a community action platform for group sharing information, messages and calendars. Geddup seeks to connect the community by taking the community directory online and sharing up-to-date profiles and verified credentials securely. It ensures a secure information sharing system that empowers organisers, and opens lines of communication to leverage the power of among group members. Geddup also provides practical organizational tools to enlist volunteers, collect bookings, attract sponsors etc. Geddup is currently converting itself into a cooperative, recognizing co-ownership as the ideal structure for a community action platform, especially serving as an antidote to profit-making through data-tracking among the capitalists platforms.


CoLab | USA
CoLab | 美國

CoLab is a worker-owned digital agency that started in 2010 in Ithaca, New York. CoLab designs and develops technology for mission driven organizations and entrepreneurs, including Seventh Generation, Cornell University, and the Unitarian Universalist Association. CoLab has team members in Ithaca, New York City, Austin, Oakland, Montreal, Toronto, Taipei, Izola, Jakarta, and Chandigarh. The diversity of the members’ backgrounds and geographies makes CoLab agile and uniquely empathetic. CoLab’s mission is to contribute to a new economy of justice and cooperation while bringing clients beautiful, cutting-edge technology.

CoLab是一家為勞動者所有的數碼服務機構,2010年在紐約州伊薩卡創立。CoLab為有使命感的組織與企業設計、開發技術,這些組織包括第七世代(Seventh Generation)、康奈爾大學、普世一神教協會(Unitarian Universalist Association)等。CoLab的團隊成員遍布伊薩卡、紐約市、奧斯丁、奧克蘭、蒙特利爾、多倫多、台北、伊佐拉、雅加達、印度昌迪加爾。成員背景和地域的多樣性讓CoLab靈活多變,富有同理心。CoLab的使命是奉獻於正義與協作的新型經濟,同時為客戶提供美妙的、前沿的科技。

Coop Exchange

Coop Exchange | Malta

The world’s first crypto exchange dedicated to buying and selling co-operative tokens, based on EventStore and blockchain, that would allow anyone to buy and sell shares in (mostly) multi stakeholder platform co-ops easily, using FIAT currencies or even cryptocurrencies, depending on the co-ops exposure to risk. This brand new platform co-op is to be launched in October 2018.


Unionen| Sweden
Unionen| 瑞典

Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar trade union in the world. We have more than 640,000 members, of which 30,000 are elected representatives, in over 60,000 companies and organizations. Unionen has members in everything from major international Groups to small family companies. Our vision is to create security, success and satisfaction in working life.

Unionen 是瑞典私人勞動市場中最大的工會,亦是全世界最大的白領工會。Unionen 有超過64萬名會員來自6萬間公司和機構,當中的3萬名會員是民選出來的代表。Unionen 會員的背景由重要的國際集團,以至小型家族企業都有。願景是在工作中營造安全、成就和滿足感。


SMart | Belgium
SMart | 比利時

SMart is a non-profit organization created in Belgium in 1998 which is developing itself in 8 European countries. It aims to simplify and support the professional paths of creative and cultural workers. Its principal goal is to assist freelance workers to develop their own activity through a secure system, offering multiple services such as information, training, legal advice, a social professional network, co-working spaces, online invoicing tools and more.


DAY 2 | Sept 29 (Saturday)

Roundtable II : Blockchain for Co-ops


Resonate | Germany
Resonate | 德國

Resonate is the first global online music-streaming cooperative. It rejects the current model of subscription, and develops its own unique #stream2own model. The service benefits musicians and labels — who get more revenue for songs than on existing corporate platforms like Apple Music and Spotify — as well as listeners, who can own a song after a certain number of plays. Resonate is a multi-stakeholder cooperative, members include musicians, labels, and listeners: All get voting rights and a share of future dividends. 20% of the overall profit is used for the daily maintenance and development of the platform, 45% is distributed to musicians and labels, and the remaining 35% goes to the listeners. Resonate documents streaming data on a transparent and open blockchain system, ensuring true fairness for all members.

Resonate作為全球第一個線上音樂串流合作社,拒絕訂閱制度,開發串流買斷制度(stream to own)作為平台的營運模型。Resonate以儲值型(top-up model)與使用者付費(pay-as-you-go )概念取代現行Spotify和Apple Music的月費制,消費者依播放流量以及單一曲目重復播放次數進行個別收費。Resonate強調自己是多方利益相關者的合作社(multi-stakeholders cooperative),社員橫跨音樂人與聽眾,整體盈餘扣除20%作為營運與發展經費,音樂人可直接獲取45%作為收入,剩餘35%作為聽眾群的回饋。利用區塊鏈技術,Resonate將地域限制的平台合作社營運發展為新串流經濟範式。透過與發展區塊鏈技術的RChain合作社合作,Resonate不只期待未來將組織、人員、提案等紀錄寫入區塊鏈,也將記載個別曲目的收聽、再制以及混音使用等情況。

Matters News

Matters News | Hong Kong
Matters News | 香港

Matters Lab is an ecosystem for high-quality contents, co-founded by media and technology professionals. It aims to innovate via blockchain technology and reconstruct values and rules, to build community on a decentralized content platform, to encourage users to create and share, supporting the good quality content to be seen, and receive financial profits.


Shanzhai City

Shanzhai City | Hong Kong

Shanzhai City is a Hong Kong-based social enterprise and start-up. Their community development and IT solutions development expertise were incorporated into tech solutions that benefit communities and support investment. Founded in 2015, they have since expanded to Shenzhen and San Francisco for easy access to Chinese social purpose organizations and the international impact investing and tech development communities.
Shanzhai City’s mission is to alleviate poverty and promote community development through tech solutions that enhance the accessibility and reliability of high-quality impact data. This supports the unimpeded flow of capital into worthy projects and ensures beneficiaries access to the data they need to control their futures.


Musicoin | Worldwide
Musicoin | 全球

Musicoin is an open-source music streaming platform built on the blockchain that supports the creation, distribution and consumption of music in a shared economy. Listeners can stream songs from independent musicians on our platform absolutely free and without ads, while musicians are compensated more fairly than major music streaming platforms in the industry.

Musicoin 是一個使用blockchain的開源音樂串流平台,以共享經濟的方式支持創作、發行和購買音樂。樂迷可以在免費和無廣告的情況下,在平台上直接播放來自獨立音樂人的歌曲,而音樂人可以得到比主流音樂串流平台更合理的報酬。


datavest | USA

datavest allows individuals to earn digital currency by investing their data in the world’s first Data Investment Platform. Individuals are compensated for the data they generate – data is shared on a subscription basis: businesses subscribe to datafunds, allowing users to share in both the present and future value of the data they generate. datavest’s platform is modeled so that each member that receives DXN will be eligible to become a member of Datavest Cooperative, which recognizes “digital labor” as a new form of value creation; one comprised and available to all data producers investing on the datavest platform.

DAY 2 | Sept 29 (Saturday)

Breakout Session


Start.coop | Worldwide
Start.coop | 全球

Start.coop provides strategic tools, knowledge and investment that empowers entrepreneurs in building transformative, scaleable, cooperatively owned businesses. Over 25 entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors have already applied to Start.coop since its launch on July 12th. Possible participants include a team launching a driver-owned competitor to Uber, a purchasing co-op for local energy dealers, and a tech start-up in which patients own the profits on health research. Through Start.coop, each startup in the will receive an initial $10,000 in cash, and will have the chance to work with learn best practices from established mentors. Applications are open through August 20th.

Start.coop提供一系列的策略工具、知識和資金,以增強企業家建立具變革性、可擴展和共同擁有的企業。自7月12日發報後,超過25個來自不同領域的企業家提交申請。申請隊伍當中有作為Uber競爭者的司機合作社、在地能源經銷購買合作社,和病人可在健康研究中擁有利潤的科技初創企業。透過Start.coop,每間初創企業會得到 $10,000現金,並有機會與知名的導師一起學習最佳實踐。